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Code of Conduct

The commitment made by parents, players and coaches to participate in the long and demanding hockey season is significant. To make the season fun, safe and positive, all players and parents/guardians must agree to the following Rules of Conduct as well as to any rules of conduct imposed by coaches at the team level. The City of Shaker Heights and the SYHA Board recognizes the authority of coaches to discipline player(s) whose behavior is deemed detrimental to him/ herself, fellow teammates, opponents, coaches, or the reputation and integrity of the Shaker Heights Youth Hockey program. In fact, the City of Shaker Heights and the SYHA Board encourage coaches to institute rules for their respective team so as to allow our program to run for the betterment of all of our players. While we hope it will not be necessary, a disciplinary committee of the Board will hear all complaints involving suspensions of two or more games or for potential expulsions from the program and will act in accordance with the SYHA Grievance Policy.