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    SYHA Always a Raider Award

    SYHA Always a Raider Award 2016 recipients. 

    Evan Yule, Sr.

    DC Benicasa, Jr.

    Devin Campbell, Fr.

    Dylan Shelton, Fr.

    2017 17th Annual Killer B Hockey Tournament

    Killer B Tournament at Shaker's Thornton Park - February 17-19, 2017.

    Click on link to the left for information and on line registration.

    Skate a Thon THANK YOU

    SYHA Families,

    Thank you for coming out to the annual Skate-a-Thon. It was great to see so many players of all ages on the ice together having a great time and supporting each other! And the Bantams put up a great fight against the coaches! What a special night for our players!

    Thank you to all of the volunteers who helped and also a special thank you to our SHHS players who came out and ran all of the on-ice activities. They did a great job with our kids.

    A special thank you to Meredith and Scott Camp who gave their time and energy to the 2016 Skate a Thon and made it such a great event.

    NOW, let’s make it all count!!! All money collected through THIS Saturday will count for individual prizes, team prizes and the 100 and 300 Clubs, as well as our grand total raised by the program. So get out there and collect your pledges and make some last minute calls! All money must be turned into your Team Manager by this weekend. Do not put Skate-a-Thon money at the Thornton Office. 

    Thank you in advance for your support of SHYA and all of our players!

    Upcoming Events

    October 29-February 14 - Season

    February 3 - Shaker Youth Night at the SH HS Varsity game.

    February 17-19 - Killer B Tournament

    February 21 - SYHA board meeting

    2016-2017 Shaker Youth Hockey Association (SYHA) Fee

    New and returning Shaker Youth Hockey parents: 

    The Shaker Youth Hockey Association (SYHA) consists of volunteer board members that work closely with Thornton Park and Shaker youth hockey to ensure the best possible hockey experience for your youth player. 

    Two fees are collected each year in order to play hockey for Shaker.

    #1.  A $125.00 per family (not player) fee payable to SYHA.  See on line payment option below. Payment is due before the start of the season.

    #2. A city of Shaker/Thornton Park fee.  The city has sent out statements with instructions for payment. 

    Thank you all and enjoy the upcoming hockey season.


    2016 Shaker Youth Hockey Concussion Baseline Testing

    Similar to 2015, the Shaker Youth Hockey Association (SYHA) has partnered with University Hospitals’ Sports Medicine Department to offer baseline concussion testing to all SYHA athletes at a significantly reduced rate of $30 per athlete.  Normally, the cost is $250 per test. University Hospitals has greatly reduced the fee through the SYHA partnership and additional costs have been assumed by SYHA and other generous supporters of our hockey program. While the testing is NOT required to play in the SYHA program, it is a tremendous opportunity and families are encouraged to take advantage of it. PLEASE NOTE: IF YOUR CHILD COMPLETED THE BASELINE TESTING IN FALL 2015, THEN A TEST IS NOT NEEDED THIS YEAR.

    University Hospitals professionals will complete face-to-face baseline concussion testing. Each baseline test will take approximately one hour to complete. University Hospitals has closed their clinic for two days on September 13th and 14th and volunteered their time to provide these one hour tests to all SYHA athletes who sign up (Mite through Bantam level). The testing will take place at the University Hospitals Main Campus. For Bantam players > 12 years old, a free computerized test is available. However, University Hospitals recommends that these older athletes complete both the face-to-face concussion testing and the computerized program. This is consistent with the approach University Hospitals takes with college and professional athletes.


    Sled Hockey-Thank You

    SYHA players had a great time with the Shaker High School hockey players and Youth Challenge at the second annual Adapted Hockey Event at Thornton Park. It was a great experience for them to watch the high school players interact with the Youth Challenge participants and a ton of fun to scrimmage with the high school team and shoot on the HS varsity goalie. A great night for the Shaker hockey community.