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Tryouts 2014-15 Mites and Squirts

Tryout Dates and Times

Please be sure to have all registration materials completed prior to the first tryout. Register online via the tab on the left hand side of the website. See the Registration Checklist on the Website. Mites and Squirts must register for Tryouts online. There is no fee, but we would like to have all players registered so Tryouts will go smoother. You must pay the City of Shaker Heights a $200 deposit for Squirts / $125 for Mites and the Shaker Youth Hockey Association Fee in order to Tryout. ($115).

There will be a brief parents meeting for each age group on Saturday 8/23.

Squirts 9:00am
Mites 10:45am

MITE ADM (2006-2009)

We will field three or four Mites teams this season under the USA Hockey American Development Model (ADM). Please see the Mite ADM tab on the Website for an explanation of Mite ADM.

The three or four teams will be:

Mite ADM Red (Possibly 2 teams)

Mite ADM White

Mite ADM Blue

All returning Mites that played Mite White or Blue last year should attend these tryouts. These tryouts will be for the Mite ADM Red and White teams for the upcoming season.

All Mighty Mites from last year do not attend tryouts and will start the season on the Mite ADM Blue team. Check the website Schedule for Mite ADM Blue.

Saturday, August 23 10:30-11:45am

Sunday, August 24 10:30-11:45am

Potential Mite Coaches: Tim Brokaw, Effrum Garnett, Rich Mears, Bob Shenk, Matt Shenk and Doug Slifko

SQUIRT (2004 and 2005)

We will likely field three Squirt teams this season.

Saturday, August 23

8:00-9:00am (Last Name A-L)

9:15-10:15am (Last Name M-Z)

Sunday, August 24 - Players will be broken up into Groups - please check the website.

8:00am-9:00am Group 2

9:15-10:15am Group 1

Tuesday, August 26 7:15-8:15pm Group 2

Wednesday, August 27 7:45-8:45pm Group 1

Potential Squirt Coaches: Craig Hoberman, Rich Mears, Jon Rice, Jamie Stewart and Tim Wiebe


Any questions please contact Max Ortolani (max.ortolani@shakeronline.com)

Jerseys - Rube Adlers

SYHA members.
We have a new SYHA hockey apparel provider this year. Rube Adler Sports (RAS) of Solon will be handling all our ordering of game uniforms, game socks, warm-ups and spirit wear.
Ron Narolewski is our main contact but anyone at RAS can help you.   RAS is located at 34378 Aurora Rd, Solon, OH 44139.  (440-248-4668).
Shaker Youth Hockey players will be using the same uniform, socks and warm-up as last year.  No need to re-order unless a new uniform, socks or warm up is needed.
Call or visit RAS to place your order.  RAS has sample uniform sizes at their store and they will be available at Thornton Park during the Mite and Squirt tryouts on August 23rd from 9:00am-1:00pm.  
If you are new to the Shaker Youth Hockey program and need a uniform, please see Max Ortolani so he can assign a uniform number to your player.  RAS will add the player's number, last name and Shaker hockey logo to each uniform. 
New home and away uniforms.  $70.00+tax ea.
Call or visit RAS to place your order.  RAS will be available at Thornton Park during one of the Mite and Squirt tryouts at the end of August.  Exact date and time to come.  NOTE: RAS will not be carrying a inventory of game socks after the initial orders but will be able to order replacements if needed.
New home and away socks.    $12.00+tax ea.
Ordering dates for new game uniforms and socks is July 18th through August 30th.  RAS will place all orders with the manufacturer at the end of August for delivery by October.  Late orders will be subject to additional costs and delayed delivery.
There will two windows of opportunity to order Shaker youth hockey warm-ups, hoodies, hats, hockey bags and more.  There will be a dedicated Shaker Youth Hockey spirit wear web site and a link on the SYHA site.
Dates for ordering spirit wear are:
#1 September 15 - October 5 with delivery by October 31.
#2  November 1 - November 16 with delivery by Christmas.
More details to come.

Upcoming Events

August 18-22 Shaker Raider Hockey Camp

August 23-28 - Mite and Squirt Tryouts / Peewee and Bantam Season Starts

Shaker Raider Hockey Camps

Pre-Season Conditioning Clinics, August 12-15 (Tue-Fri)  
Mites and Squirts 4:30-5:30pm
Peewees and Bantams 5:45-6:45pm

Hockey Camp August 18-22 (Mon-Fri)
Mites and Squirts 8:00am - 5:00pm
Peewees and Bantams 5:30pm - 9:00pm
Mighty Mites 11:00am - 12:00pm

Signup information in document below.

Questions contact Max Ortolani


Registration Checklist

Registration/Tryout Checklist for 2014-15 for all teams:

Please make sure you have all of the following completed before the start of the season.

All forms are available on the website

1) SYHA Fee $115 check payable to Shaker Youth Hockey Association (SYHA) - one fee per family


2) Registration DUE 8/23 – online tryout registration filled out (already done for Peewees and Bantams) and fees paid to City of Shaker Heights each player needs a form. Minimum $200 deposit due by this date, City Fees must be paid to tryout.

a.Mites Resident $500 Non-Resident $625

b.Squirt, PeeWee, Bantam Resident $755 Non-Resident $1,050


3) Completed USA Hockey registration DUE 8/23 - $45 done at https://www.usahockeyregistration.com/login_input.action


4) Copy of Birth Certificate for all new players


5) Jerseys - All players from Mite ADM White through Bantam will be wearing the new Ottawa Senators style jerseys (White/Black). These are available at Rube Adler Sports. The Mite ADM Blue teams will be given jerseys that will be returned at the end of the season. All jersey number requests should be sent to Max Ortolani at max.ortolani@shakeronline.com. 



Golf Outing - Thank You

Thank you to all who played in and donated to the Golf Outing. The bad weather stayed away and we had a wonderful outing. We had 72 golfers, 14 hole sponsors and many raffle items donated by SYHA families. The Golf Outing is one of three major fundraisers for the SYHA.

CSHL Playoffs

Congrats to the Bantam 1 team on their 6-4 victory over CSC to complete the Regular Season and Playoff sweep of Bantam AA.

Congrats to the Bantam AA, PeeWee AA and Squirt AA teams on their division championships.


Please create a username and password in the top left corner. Going forward there will be no more emails from the Google Groups.

There are two ways to access your team schedule.

1) Go to the team website under the Teams tab.

2) Go to the Calendar. The Calendar is driven by tags. Select Show Tags Menu. You can then select the teams that you want to see. Make sure you have Match Any selected in the top right corner. Then Select Hide Tags Menu.

Select All Tags will show you all events. Make sure that Home is unselected to see only the teams you want.

The Calendar Function is great your families with players on multiple teams.

There is also a SportsNgin App that allows you to access your team information.